Essential Oils

Why I use them and why I think you will like them too!

An Essential Oils page on a web services site – you’d be forgiven for thinking that is a bit random!

To me, it isn’t. In fact, I find that the two work beautifully hand in hand and they enhance and support each other. Don’t worry, if essential oils are not your thing, you can simply enjoy the fact that they make me better at what I do and leave it at that.

If, on the other hand, it has you intrigued, you should totally keep reading:


A natural alternative

I have to admit, I was an essential oil sceptic for quite some time. Not that I completely rejected the benefits, I guess I am just not big on hypes in general. I do, however, like natural alternatives. After going through cancer in 2011, I became a lot more aware of the way we just use and eat products we don’t know much about and even ones that we know are not particularly good for us. I changed most of my cleaning products and toiletries to non-toxic alternatives (still working on eating clean, that one is my downfall!). I am also a big believer that our body, mind and spirit all work together and as such, believe in a holistic approach to wellness.

Like many others, I am prone to stress and have experienced first-hand how stress can express itself in physical symptoms (trouble sleeping, tension headaches, lack of energy, sore back/shoulders, tummy aches etc). Likewise I think that our attitudes and beliefs can profoundly change the way we feel and live. I am not at all against conventional medicine (in fact, I am certain it saved my life 6 years ago!), I just think that as a society we have ‘thrown out the baby with the bathwater’ and stopped using natural alternatives that were our ancestors’ first line of defence before seeking medical assistance.

Then, in 2016, I did some work for a friend who sent me some oils as a thank-you. I started using them and found them unexpectedly effective. When we set off on a big family trip, I asked her what oils I should consider buying as a natural first aid kit. I signed up as a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, mainly to get the oils at wholesale prices. For the past 10 months, our family has been using and enjoying many of the key oils and blends, with most of them becoming firm family favourites.

How we use essential oils

We use them daily, in many different ways. Here’s just a few:

  • I can not remember the last time I took a panadol – instead I use lavender, peppermint or frankincense.
  • The kids settle easier and sleep better with lavender, cedarwood and vetiver.
  • The last time I had a cold sore, it cleared up quicker than ever with tea tree oil.
  • On cuts and scrapes we use our own little blend of lavender, lemon and tea tree – it even fixes the cracks on my husband’s feet that he’s been battling for years.
  • The mould on our caravan’s awning came off with ease using vinegar with lemon and clove.
  • DigestZen is the first thing we all use when we have bloated, sore tummies.

And I love how diffusing oils not only makes our home smell lovely, it also lifts our mood, gives us energy or calms us down depending on the oils we choose.

Choose what works for you

Turns out the hype might just be a hype for a reason – and I’m in! In additional to the oils themselves, I like dōTERRA’s philosophy and sustainable sourcing practices and, having used cheap oils in the past, I now know it’s worth paying extra for high quality, concentrated essential oils.
I also like how with dōTERRA, there is no pressure whatsoever – there are no sales targets, no minimum orders and the membership fee (to get wholesale prices) is very reasonable. If you just want to join to get your oils at wholesale prices, that is perfectly fine. And if you want to build a business, the sky is the limit.

If you’re interested to learn more about essential oils, have a look at my Trudessential Facebook page or have a chat to me about how they could help you. And if you are interested in dōTERRA as a business or getting your oils for free, I can help with that too.

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